To challenge the conventional notion and boundaries of the cocktail experience.

Artistically I strive to create an experience involving all the senses. A visceral and emotional journey of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. Visually it's a dimly lit, intimate environment. Bottled cocktails aging on shelves, jars of over 5,000 oz of bitters ranging from apricot to rosemary and lavender infusing for a minimum of three months, the bar lined with fresh herbs and bottles of the components neccessary for our cocktail program, bartenders hand chipping ice spheres behind the bar, the sound of a nostalgic collection of music ranging from jazz to some more recent selections harmoniously paired with the sound of ice in shaker tins. The smell of fresh herbs, spices and the nostalgic resonating smell of our signature cocktail the "Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan". The touch of antique hand picked glassware and the taste of original recipes including infusions, bitters and syrups all made in house. the menu divided by Punch bowls, sweet and sour selections composed for a more approachable flavor profile,  our sipping page based on a more classic spirit driven composition and my personal favourite our molecular program or my personal approach to a more progressive and contemporary cocktail experience challenging whats possible with flavour, smell and texture. At BarChef, myself, Brent and our amazing team strive to provide our guests with the ultimate cocktail experience, we hope you enjoy.

Frankie Solarik